Severstal snapped a three-game losing streak with an overtime win in Riga. The home team led twice in regulation but was unable to finish the job and suffered a fifth straight defeat as it remains adrift at the foot of the KHL standings.

The opening goal came late in the first period, and it went to Severstal. The visitor had not been able to assert itself in the early stages of the game, but when Dinamo took a couple of penalties late in the frame, the Steelmen struck on the power play. Joonas Nattinen made it 1-0 four seconds before the hooter.

Riga’s reply came early in the second. Janis Svanenbergs, a 19-year-old forward who made his debut for the club last season, tied the scores with his first ever KHL goal. Unusually in a game full of power play goals, this one came at full strength. Shortly after, Mathew Maione scored on the power play, a third goal of the season for the defenseman. But Dinamo’s lead did not last long: Tony Sund sat for holding the stick and Yegor Morozov tied the scores. However, Morozov found his way to the box later in the frame and Denis Parshin restored the home lead, only for Severstal to get a 5-on-3 power play and tie the game through Daniil Vovchenko just before the second intermission.

After an incident-packed 40 minutes, both teams calmed the game down in the third. There was just one penalty, killed by Dinamo after Kristaps Zile was called early in the stanza. Shots on goal were fewer as well, with Dinamo managing just three in the session. Cautiously, the teams moved into overtime.

Once there, it wasn’t long before Severstal settled the outcome. Morozov’s second of the night was enough to end the action and snap his team’s three-game skid. The win moves the Steelmen two points clear of ninth-placed Vityaz, and into a three-way tie with Jokerit and Spartak on 34 points.

Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
2 minSund Tony
2 minScarlett Reece
2 minDzierkals Martins
0:1Nattinen Joonas
19:56Kodola Vladislav, Vovchenko Daniil
2 min
02:08Too many players on the ice
2 minProvolnev Vladislav
2 minGareyev Artyom
Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
1:1Svanenbergs Janis
24:16Parshin Denis, Vitasek Ondrej
2:1Maione Mathew
25:57Parshin Denis, Darzins Lauris
3:2Parshin Denis
38:20Darzins Lauris, Indrasis Miks
2 minSund Tony
28:11Holding the stick
2 minMamcics Roberts
2 minZyryanov Gleb
2:2Morozov Yegor Al.
28:40Nattinen Joonas, Provolnev Vladislav
3:3Vovchenko Daniil
39:15Lalonde Shawn, Kodola Vladislav
2 minProvolnev Vladislav
2 minPetunin Alexander
2 minMorozov Yegor Al.
Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
2 minZyryanov Gleb
2 minZile Kristaps
Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
3:4Morozov Yegor Al.
61:44Lalonde Shawn, Petunin Alexander
  • 02:08 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 06:15 2 min Provolnev Vladislav (Charging)
  • 10:47 2 min Sund Tony (Interference)
  • 10:47 2 min Gareyev Artyom (Diving)
  • 16:56 2 min Scarlett Reece (Interference)
  • 19:23 2 min Dzierkals Martins (High-sticking)
  • 19:56 0:1 Nattinen Joonas (Kodola Vladislav, Vovchenko Daniil)
  • 24:16 1:1 Svanenbergs Janis (Parshin Denis, Vitasek Ondrej)
  • 25:35 2 min Provolnev Vladislav (Interference)
  • 25:57 2:1 Maione Mathew (Parshin Denis, Darzins Lauris)
  • 28:11 2 min Sund Tony (Holding the stick)
  • 28:40 2:2 Morozov Yegor Al. (Nattinen Joonas, Provolnev Vladislav)
  • 31:56 2 min Petunin Alexander (Tripping)
  • 37:36 2 min Morozov Yegor Al. (Boarding)
  • 38:20 3:2 Parshin Denis (Darzins Lauris, Indrasis Miks)
  • 38:43 2 min Mamcics Roberts (Hooking)
  • 38:57 2 min Zyryanov Gleb (Tripping)
  • 39:15 3:3 Vovchenko Daniil (Lalonde Shawn, Kodola Vladislav)
  • 41:04 2 min Zile Kristaps (Hooking)
  • 61:44 3:4 Morozov Yegor Al. (Lalonde Shawn, Petunin Alexander)